Packages are customized for each individual’s needs, but are designed to offer the most at the best pricing. Packages include multiple appointments and varied appointment types over an extended period of time. All programs are modifiable even while in treatment, according to each person’s progress. Programs are almost always the best route to choose when they are recommended. They offer the best pricing and the most through treatment plans.  

 At the time of your initial consultation, we will review your specific set of circumstances in order to offer the best recommendation of whether a complete program or individual appointments would be best for you. Of course, the choice is always ultimately up to you.

Your program recommendation and costs vary according to your specific needs, and you are not locked into a program.  Programs usually have the best prices so they are offered if appropriate. All programs can be modified at any time. 

It varies. Some people only need one or just a few appointments, while others may need more. Our intent is to offer you the most affordable option while making sure that enough appointments or sessions are in place to provide the best results.

 How do you determine cost?
We customize your program and appointment recommendations based on your specific needs to resolve the issue that you are addressing. We make every attempt to work within your budget and particular needs.

Individual sessions are always an option, however in many cases, choosing a program package that includes several appointments can be a better choice and includes better pricing overall. 

Distance appointment prices:
Hypnotherapy, 1 session = $60 or less
AIM Hypnosis, 1 session = $15
30 minute phone coaching, 1 session = $30

Prices effective as of September 2021, Subject to change

How Much Does it Cost?

Hypnosis Package Pricing