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(208) 570-5277

5981 W. Overland

Boise, ID 83709

Think Well. Be Well.





Mindset is a hypnosis and natural health center located in Boise, Idaho with a through and integrative approach to making changes for a healthier mind and a healthier body. Every service here is personalized for each client's specific needs, with as much or as little support as a person wants.

We offer multiple approaches to clinical hypnotherapy, including traditional and relaxing hypnosis sessions, medical hypnosis, "high-tech" light & sound hypnosis, group hypnosis, as well as teaching self-hypnosis methods.  Life coaching and health based coaching is also available for those who just need a little guidance. 

Our office works in the areas of: 
Anger Management
Anxiety & Stress
Athletic Performance
Communication Skills

Confidence and Self-Esteem
Fears and Phobias
Fitness Coaching

​Health Issues
Learning Enhancement    
Nutritional Guidance

Pain Control

Performance Anxiety
Personal & Professional Development
Positive Outlook
Relationship Issues
Sales Performance
Self-Esteem Enhancement
Sexual Issues
Smoking Cessation
Unwanted Habits
Weight Control

and More

The center promotes healthy lifestyle choices by offering motivating classes and private coaching on exercise, nutrition, and subconscious thinking techniques. Our lecture based lifestyle classes offer a wide variety of physical and mental health topics. 

Our small group fitness classes are designed to be accommodating  to all fitness levels by offering various options for each exercise, but are especially good for beginners. Emphasis is placed on safety, effectiveness, and listening to the body.  We promote fun and an expanded way to approach exercise integration as part of a healthy lifestyle, therefore each class is unique and customized on the spot. 

Psychoneuroimmunology and psychoneurobiology address the connections between the brain and physical pain or disease. In many cases, pain can be decreased or eliminated, and people have in accelerated healing process when recovering or coping with a disease or surgical procedure.  

Mindset takes an integrated approach to health care, and will work with your medical doctor or other health care providers to help provide you with a well rounded approach to living to your fullest potential. ​​