Client Comments: 

"I would define my experience in one word: Empowered! I am no longer a prisoner of my cravings for food. I am in control of my life finally. My sessions were designed to my specific needs at the time. My input was sought throughout. I was educated on what my body needs to get where I it want to go. Every aspect of my life has been transformed. I have been transformed. I showed up to a family gathering with relatives who hadn't seen me for 4 months and they asked where my other half was! My co-workers tell me that I inspire them. I have never felt better in my life. Ever. It has been one month since my last session and I am consistently and methodically marching towards my goal.  I will achieve it. I will achieve it because I am empowered. Thank you Mindset Hypnosis for giving me back my power."     Paul Nydegger  - Boise, Idaho

                     Paul Before                                               Paul After

"I can't thank you enough! I've learned so much throughout this experience and I feel that I'm much better equipped to handle my weight loss journey. I've recommended you to friends and will continue to do so. Thanks again and keep doing what you're doing."

Felicia K. - Boise, ID

"I had struggled with my weight for many years, and lacked the motivation to change. After the death of my husband in July 2013, my grief seemed to create even more blocks. Mindset Hypnosis and Health has provided me with the support and guidance I needed to move forward! Thank you." 
Debra Brush- Boise, Idaho

"Experience was absolutely positive! I was very pleased with my whole experience. We addressed many issues and the support at each level and time was great. The staff was always courteous. I would recommend Mindset to others.  When I came to Mindset in January, I had been through years of unsuccessful attempts to lose weight. I had ballooned to over 350 lbs. and was on a downhill spiral to an early grave. Kaylan took the time to really understand why I was doing the things I was. She helped me recognize the underlying reasons for my self-destructive behavior. I have always heard that losing weight is about "move more, eat less". Kaylan helped me to see that without the vital third component; "think right", I was never going to be successful. Mindset Hypnosis helped me deal with my self-esteem issues, and that freed me up to change my lifestyle to apply the things I already knew to move towards a happier, healthier me. In five months, I have lost 30 lbs, I am walking more than I have in years and I am in a much better place in my head. 
Thank you , Kaylan, for giving me back my life and for allowing me to have hope for the future."
Cliff Scott - Boise, ID

"Coming to Dr. Kaylan at Mindset Hypnosis has really changed my life. I was stuck in a grief process that I hadn't completed and 10 years later it had affected all aspects of my life. Besides helping me to finally say goodbye to my late husband, Dr. Kaylan guided me in curing my chronic back pain, stress binging, negative self-talk, and much, much more. Endless thanks for your kindness."
Stephanie S. - Boise, Idaho

"I enjoyed my sessions and they must be doing some good. It is amazing how many ideas I have come up to streamline my mess and to work on my procrastination. Mainly it gave me hope."
Sharon H.- Boise, Idaho

"Hypnosis was a new experience for me and it was a very positive one! Dr. Kaylan is bright, compassionate and fun. I have fought the weight and sugar addiction battle for years and have been given the tools to win the battle. I feel so much better and am working diligently on my goals."
Kathy R. - Boise, Idaho

"To be honest I didn't know exactly what to expect as I have never tried hypnosis before. The office was nice and clean. My consult with Kaylan was great. She listened to my issues and gave me a clear idea of what to expect and not expect. I have already seen some great results from my session. Kaylan was awesome to work with and seemed to be a master of her craft. I went in with the idea of "it's worth a shot" and I'm glad I tried it. I think it been a great help."
Troy F. - Boise, Idaho

"I am a recovering 20 year smoker. I have tried several different methods of smoking cessation over the years only to fail miserably.  I recently went through hypnosis with Kaylan and have been smoke free ever since my first session with her.  She is very reasonably priced.   This was the best experience with a nasty habit I have ever had.  She was wonderful!!  I have referred her to several friends and family members needing assistance with a lot of different issues…and will continue to do so with anyone I see needing help.  Thanks for all you’ve done Kaylan….you literally are a lifesaver!!" 
Heidi Brace - Boise, Idaho

"This was my first visit and I found just what I was looking for. Better yet, I found what I really NEEDED. I was made to feel at ease and in the right place as soon as I entered the building. Doctor Kaylan treated me with absolute respect and took the time to really find out what might be holding me back. I feel that she cares that her clients become the best they can be and that it is her desire to give them as much help and as much room as they need to accomplish this. The office is run professionally but lucky for us, it also is filled with caring people. I wish I could have been able to have this kind of help years ago, but am grateful to have it now."
Cindy C - Nyssa, Oregon

"Now I am in control of my eating." 
Jean E. - Twin Falls, Idaho

"I had previously been to a hypnosis center and was turned off by their attitude and necessity to sign a contract for $1600 just to get started. When I walked through the door for my first appointment with Dr. Kaylan I was impressed with the calming sights and sounds. The office is an extremely relaxing environment. Dr. Kaylan is very special - a true professional that made me completely satisfied that I chose Mindset."
Leland Cantrell - Boise, ID

"I will be using this for the rest of my life. You have updated my old thoughts and improved my desire." 
Patty W. - Twin Falls, Idaho

"I just needed to hear truths. I have learned a lot of truths. You know, the best part is being corrected from the non-truths. It is the honesty of this that I am going to take with me for life. I can't express enough gratitude that I have." 
Kate A. - Boise, Idaho

"These new habits will help me to acheive my overall goal of reaching a healthy weight and will allow me to become a healthier person overall."  
Michelle Rhode - Caldwell, Idaho 

"Professional and amazing! The office is beautiful, the session professional, soothing, and also stimulating! I thoroughly enjoyed my visit and I'm sure I will be back. "  
Beverly M. - Boise, Idaho

"I went to another hypnosis place to see if they would be able to help me with my weight. I was very unhappy with the way things were presented and the cost. When I said I could not afford how much the were asking and  hard sales techniques were used. I talked to Kaylan and she was very sympathetic and understanding and did not try to pressure me at all. I decided to see her and she was very helpful to set up a payment plan that will work for me. I have tried to lose weight most of my life with little or no success. I thought I wanted to try hypnosis and went to a well known place and did not like the high pressure sales. I happened to see mindset one day and set up and appointment. I liked Kaylan from the moment we met and felt she could help me. There was no high pressure just this is what I can do for you, if you let me. *I have lost 50+ lbs so far. I still have a long ways to go but with Kaylan's encouragement I know I will make it. She has helped me in more ways than just weight loss. My husband and I are talking more and our marriage of almost 40 years is happier than it has ever been. She has helped me through some emotional issues that related directly or indirectly to my weight. Her compassion and caring attitude shines through all she does. Thank you is not enough for all she has done. "      Kitty P. Boise, ID      

                   Kitty Before                                          Kitty After

"Loved it!" 
Sharon L. - Nampa, Idaho 

"I feel inspired." 
Sherice C. - Pinedale, Wyoming    

"I started using marijuana 10 years ago, and within in a year period it quickly began to be an everyday thing. I tried quitting a couple of times when I was in trouble, or was told to, but my head was never into it so I didnt let it work. Then I had 3 children, and a beautiful wife, and I still was doing it with no regard for them. And when the day came that I always decided I wanted to be a police officer, and I never thought I could because this was standing in my way.... well I finally thought about my family's future and I decided that I wanted to be done, for reasons other than that also. I started researching hypnotherapy as an icing on the cake to help me realize I can take back control. I found Mindset and couldn't be happier, because that's exactly what they did. I just needed help telling myself that I could do it, and the coping skills to get through to my head. Normally I pride myself on being strong minded, but I knew this was going to be big mind battle. I wanted to make sure it would last. I have been clean for 9 weeks yesterday, and don't see any way that I'll be back there. My mind is clear, and I dont want any part of that life anymore. I think me having my mind made up played a big part, but I know that Mindset played a big factor in my sobriety and I thank them!"
Austin C. - Boise, Idaho

"My appointment was wonderful. I was impressed with the whole process. A considerable amount of time was taken with me, I was educated well on whole the process, and time was taken with me to get to know me. Great expeirence from walking in the door and meeting a friendly receptionist, until leaving. Thank you so much for your services."
Kelley A. Pixley - Boise, Idaho

"No matter what I face when I come see you, good, bad, painful, I always feel good when I leave. You are amazing....."
Vernell S. - Boise, Idaho

"Kaylan was very nice. Great personality! She made me feel at ease."
Michelle K. - Meridian, Idaho

*Because you are unique, as with any treatment modality, individual results vary. 


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