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Did you ever have an issue that you needed some help with but didn't really feel like you needed or wanted to attend  traditional counseling? 

Do you need help learning how to communicate or relate to someone? Maybe a boss, a co-worker, someone you love, or just people in general? 

Do you have a problem that just needs another perspective to help you brain-storm a solution? 

Solution-Based coaching might be right for you! It's action-oriented and meant to help you resolve the problem quickly and get back on track. 

Solution Based Coaching is not the same as traditional counseling that you might experience if you worked with a counselor, psychologist, or psychiatrist and is not appropriate for all people. We do not diagnose or treat disorders. If you are in need of psychiatric care we recommend to contact your physician for an appropriate referral. 

If you're not sure if it's right for you or your situation, why not ask? Just call 208-570-5277 and ask to speak with Dr. Kaylan and find out. You can also send us an email to:

                                                                                  Q & A

Who is it useful for? Anyone wanting to gain a different perspective, resolve a problem, and get on with their life.  

It is similar to hypnosis? Not at all.  

How many appointments does it take? It depends on the issue. Most of the time one appointment is all that is needed. Sometimes people benefit from having several appointments. Typically, it's short-term in it's nature because it's so actively geared towards a solution (hence the name). 

To learn more or to find out if it's right for you, call our office today at (208) 570-5277.